5/10/21 - 5/16/21

THIS WEEKS MESSAGE Is about us being Better Together! It is not good for man to be alone because we are here to help each other through Love and Support! We are BETTER TOGETHER!

But to go even one step further, isolation or “solitary confinement” is considered a very harsh form of punishment! Even as kids, you would be “grounded” and forced to be alone, or put in a corner by yourself away from everyone as punishment! If someone commits a foul act against their group, they are “exiled”, or “cast out”....again, as punishment! 

And on the flip side, we celebrate with parties! We celebrate in groups, with family at the dinner table, with good conversation, with LOVE!

So why is it that people seemed obsessed with being a “loner”, having “small circles”,  keeping to themselves and staying distant from others on purpose? These type of things can be challenging to our mental health, because we are social beings! We aren’t designed to be outcast or alone....isolation has been proven to be detrimental to our psyche and is used as punishment....We need LOVE, and we need each other! 

So link up with the ones you love, and have a great time, whether it’s with just one person or many! Also reach out to someone who is keeping distant, someone that you know or someone you don't, and show LOVE! They need someone to help them break that ice, and you may be the person to help them do just that! We need Love, Because we are, and always will be, BETTER TOGETHER!

Stay blessed!

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