Let’s start with LOVE. Not materialistic or self centered love, but REAL LOVE, because LOVE conquers all. Love is the highest level of understanding, and it is the foundation of any genuine relationship, religion, positive change, passion or purpose. 
When I created Pinebrook & Lafayette, I didn’t just want to make apparel that is aesthetically pleasing, but a brand that is doing it’s part in making the world a better place. Now I know that making clothes isn’t going to necessarily save anyones life the way a mentor, inventor or medical professional can. But what I do understand, is that change, positive change....starts in the mind, by being influenced by positive messages, images, theories and concepts. That is exactly what I strive to do with this brand. To help positively influence those around me with apparel that inspires people to pursue their passions, embrace peace, unity, friendship, and most importantly, to influence the spread of Everlasting LOVE!! 
I know that I only play a small part in inspiring the type of change that can make the world a better place, but that is my duty. Actually it is EVERYONE’s duty, to do their part, big or small, in making the world a better place to live in!